I work from two therapy spaces in south Delhi. The first is at Kalkaji, where I am part of a therapists’ group called The Colour of Grey Cells. I also work at Cygnus Orthocare Hospital, Safdarjung Development Area. 

During the pandemic, I am working over video and audio calls only. In my experience, this works as well as in-person sessions. 

I can be contacted on (0091) 9810932253. Please leave a message if the call is not answered. You can also write to me at [email protected]


The fee for psychotherapy can be difficult to pay for many persons, particularly young people who form the larger portion of those who are drawn to the therapy process. For many therapists, this may take away the purpose of having chosen a helping profession. At the same time, the therapist needs to be careful to not see too many clients in a day, as this work requires a sense of rest and inner balance if one is to provide that to others. Working through one’s commitment to justice, and also to attend to one’s own material and psychological needs is an ongoing journey.

At present, the fee I charge for one session of 90 minutes is Rs 2400. I see one out of three persons on a low-fee scale, which ranges from zero to Rs 1500, depending on what the person is able to pay, and whether a slot for that fee is available. 

The sessions are longer than the conventional therapy session which is 50 minutes, as I have realised that I need more time with a person if I meet them only once a week and our conversation is to have a significant impact. 

While many people benefit from a few months of therapy, a few choose to continute for longer periods. If therapy continues for a year, then we increase the fee by 10 percent every year. 


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