Images of awareness

On a walk today morning, some images offered by various psychologists, spiritual teachers and artists came to mind. Coming to awareness is like taking a walk in the forest, where two friends walk together and talk of what matters the most in their lives. The aliveness and fullness of the forest offers them a space of infinite possibility – anything new can peek out from…

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On death and suicide

Facebook post on 15 June, 2020. A rising star dies. He has decided to end his life. My Facebook timeline fills up with shock and grief. With messages about that term ‘mental health’ which seems to be everywhere these days. In a month and a half, we have seen many beloveds from the cinema die. Irrfan, Rishi Kapoor, Yogesh, Basu Chatterjee. Now Sushant, who took…

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Journeys – ancient and contemporary

The practice of psychotherapy began in the middle of the 19th century. The human situation at the core of psychotherapy, however, is as old as human beings are. For as long as the historical record allows us to see, we – human beings – have experienced suffering, and we have met other human beings to understand and heal from our suffering. 2500 years ago, in…

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